We offer DSL through a variety of different carriers at competitive prices.
Prices for Marshall, MN; Pipestone, Willmar, MN; MN; Worthington, MN; Sioux Falls, SD; Brookings, SD; Watertown, SD
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Download (k/ps)Upload (k/bs)PlanSetupMonthly
256256Choice 256$0.00$35.00
1500896Choice Deluxe$0.00$49.00
1500896Choice Deluxe (non-Qwest users)$0.00$52.00
3000-7000896Premier 3M-7M (best effort)$0.00$90.00
3000-7000896Premier 3M-7M (best effort) (non-Qwest users)$0.00$95.00

Subject to $99 early termination fee, DSL modem not included.