Netpoint PreXP Connection Setup Setting up NetPoint on Windows Pre-XP Machines

(Machines with Windows 95, 98, 2000, or ME)

Step 1:

Locate and double-click the My Computer icon on your desktop. If you don't have an icon for My Computer , click on Start and it should be listed on the first menu or possibly under Programs .

Step 2:

From this window, do one of two things. Either A) Double-click on the Dial-Up Networking icon or B) click on the link on the left that says Network and Dial-Up Connections .

Step 3:

Double-click on the Make New Connection icon.

Step 4:

A new window will pop up introducing you to the set-up. Click next until you arrive at the menu, which asks you in which way you would like to connect to the Internet.

Step 5:

Click the radio button that says Dial-Up to the Internet or Connect Using a Modem . Then click Next .


Step 6:


Click the radio button that says . I want to set up my Internet connection manually .. Click Next .


Step 7:

On the next screen, make sure . I connect through a phone line and a modem . is checked. Click Next .

Step 8:

Enter the phone number 655-1955 in the box requesting a phone number. You can uncheck the option that says . Use Area Code and Dial Rules .. Click Next .

Step 9 :

Type in the username you chose with us in the Username box. This is the first part of your e-mail address (everything before the @starpoint.net ). Then type your password into the next box. Click Next .

Step 10:

Type . NetPoint . in the field that titled Connection Name . Click Next .

Step 11:

  On the next screen, you can choose whether or not to set up your Internet Mail Account. You should receive separate instructions on how to set this up for NetPoint. If you choose to set it up now, click Yes and then click Next . From this point, please follow the e-mail instructions. Otherwise, choose No and click Finish . Your NetPoint should be set up! You will find an icon on your desktop that says NetPoint . Click on it to dial in.