Windows XP Dialup Networking Setup

Use this information to configure your Windows XP computer to dial up to NetPoint.

Before you start:

STEP 1: Accessing Dial-up Connections

Enter the Dial-up phone number: 655-1955

Enter your account information in the Username and Password field.

Click your optional preferences for the next two boxes. Show characters will display your password in plain text. Remember password will save your password and automatically insert it each time the dialer is activated.

Enter Netpoint or Starpoint in the Connection Name field. Optionally, choose to allow other people (accounts on your computer) to use this connection.

Click [Connect] to test the configuration. Once it is successful, choose to the save connection settings.

To use this connection click [Start] --> [Settings] --> [Network Connections] to launch the dial up session. (Hint: drag the menu icon to the desktop for a short-cut.)

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