Everyone dreads getting SPAM.

Where does it come from?

  • When you accept free offers they take your e-mail address and send you other offers.
  • They also get it from purchases from other mail lists
  • Spiders go through webpages and pick up any e-mail addresses then added them to their mail list and you get spam.
  • Your address is also collected from discussion boards.
  • You know those nasty forwards everyone sends well, they get the addresses there too.
  • How do you reduce the amount of spam recieved?
    Have two e-mail addresses one for your important e-mail like work and family and have another account for things that you sign up for on the internet this one is to collect junk mail. When you sign up for offers on the internet use the junk e-mail. Even if the deal says that they are not going to sent junk mail to you; put it in your junk e-mail just in case they do. If you find out that you need to recieve that mail you can send a e-mail to the company and give them your other account address.
    You should not post your e-mail address anywhere. Especially when you are using a discussion board or creating a website. There are spiders out on the internet collecting those addresses and adding them to their list. This causes you to have a bunch of spam that you really don't want. The best way for people to get in touch with you is to create a contact sheet on your webpage. This way your e-mail address is imbedded into the site and spiders can't find it. If anyone wants to get in touch with you they will use the contact form. You can then get in touch with them through the contact form and it will display your actual e-mail address.
    Another way you get spam is because of the annoying forwards your friends and family like to send you. These are usually are things like chainletters, virus threats, and jokes. Some people look at these forwards and take e-mail addresses from there. The best thing to do is to ask your friends and family to stop sending you these things, but if they wont, then ask them to put your address in the BCC field and not the TO and CC fields. This way your e-mail will be protected, because it wont end up on every forward being sent out.

    If you try to do these things it will slow down e-mail spam, but it wont completely stop it. There isn't a technology out there yet that has managed to stop spam. spyware article: http://www.lissaexplains.com/basics7.shtml

    What you can do