www.computertips.com describes ping as a Packet Internet Gopher or Packet Inter-Network Groper according to Daniel Conley. Or some say that it comes from the sound sonar makes when it bounces off an object in the ocean. This makes a Ping noise. A Ping sends packets of data to a host. Then, the signal comes back and says how long it took to return the packets, this is called a PONG. Ping can also tell the number of hops that it takes between two computers and also how long it took.

To ping in windows go to find and type command. This will show a black box.
       In Unix you use the terminal window.

type ping [IP address]
       example: ping www.yahoo.com or ping
       this is what appears:

Ping is used mostly to troubleshoot internet or network connections.

Some people use Ping for bad they send things like the Ping of Death or do something called Smurfing. These things may sound funny, but they really are not.

The Ping of Death

This is when someone pings an IP with a packet larger than 65,536 bytes this can crash a system. Usually a packet this size cannot be sent, but it's when the packet is chopped up into smaller pieces and sent is when it crashes. DO NOT DO THIS!!


This is where a packet is sent to a broadcast site. A broadcast site sends messages to all of the other computers connected to it. This could be up to 255 computers! This means that one packet could be multiplied 255 times! The packet is then sent to the address that the attacker specified. That means that the address they send it to will crash, not their own. DO NOT DO THIS!!!