Setting Up SPAM Rules in Microsoft Outlook Express

First thing you need to do is open Outlook Express.

Go to the Tools Menu, and down to Message Rules, then over to Mail...

This will bring up the "New Rule" screen.

First Check the box next to "Where the Subject Line..." Next, Check the box next to "Move it to a...." In the next box click the link titled "Contains Specific Words," This will bring up the following Screen

Put the word "***SPAM***" in the blank and click on "Add" Then Click on "OK".

Next click on the link titled "Specified" Under where you clicked on Where the Subject Line.."

Select the "Deleted Items Folder" or any other folder you want your SPAM to go directly to. Then click OK.

Finally give the Rule a name, in this case we named ours "SpamFilter."

Then click OK.

Finally, Then click OK Again. Now all your SPAM will go to your designated folder for you to delete or look over before deleting.