Configuring Microsoft Outlook & Outlook Express

When running the mail program for the first time, the program will walk you through the setup. The first thing that will appear is a screen displaying file folders. You don't need to change anything so just click Okay. Next the computer will walk you through a setup wizard. Continue with the section "Setup Wizard" below.

If the setup wizard did not launch when you started the mail program you then you must do it manually.
Go to menu bar and select Tools then Accounts. Click the tab labeled Mail and click the button that says Add and then select Mail. The setup wizard will help you finish the process.

Microsoft Outlook Setup Wizard

Fill in your name, then click on next. Fill in your e-mail address in the form of username@starpoint.net and click next. Our mail server is a POP3 server; select this from the drop down menu. Fill in the blanks for Incoming and Outgoing mail both with mail.starpoint.net Click the next button. Fill in NetPoint in the box and click next. "Connect using phoneline" should be the option checked, then click next. Select the option "Use an existing dial-up connection" and make sure that Net Point is highlighted. Click Finish.