Setting Up SPAM Rules With OS X Mail

First thing you need to do is open Mail.

After the Program Opens.

Go to the Preferences option under the Mail menu.

Click on "Create Rule"

In the blank after "Description" give your new rule a name, In our case we used SpamFilter.

Pull down the Menu where it says "From" and select "Subject."

Make sure that "Contains" is selected in the next select menu. If it isn't use the Pull down Menu to select it.

Next enter "***SPAM***" into the box after "Contains."

Select the check box next to "Transfer to my Mailbox" and use the pull down menu to select the folder you want your spam to go. In our case we send it directly to the "Deleted Messages" folder.

Click OK.

Then Close the "New Rule" window. Now all your SPAM will go to your designated folder for you to delete or look over before deleting.