Dial-up Setup Instructions for


Mac OS 8 and 9



This document contains instructions for connecting a Macintosh computer running Mac OS 8/9 to the internet using Netpoint's dial-up service. You will need:

This document assumes that you already have the appropriate hardware and software installed, that your Macintosh has an internal modem that is correctly configured, and that you are familiar with Mac OS. If you need assistance, please contact a Netpoint Tech at 507-532-9641.

Configuring Mac OS 8/9

  1. Locate the Internet Setup Assistant. It may be in the Apple Menu or located on the hard drive somewhere. Use Find on the File menu if you have trouble locating the Internet Setup Assistant. When you've found the it, double-click on its icon to start the assistant.
  2. The first window you'll see will ask if you want to set up your computer.  Click on Yes.  The next window will ask if you already have an Internet account. Click on Yes.
  3. You will now see the Introduction screen (numbered "1" in the bottom right corner). Click on the right arrow in the bottom right hand corner of the window to continue. This is the button that will move you through the set-up procedure.
  4. The next window (2) is called Configuration Name and Connection Type.  Enter NETPOINT as the name.  Select Modem and click on the right arrow to continue.
  5. In the Modem Settings window (3), select your modem, the modem connection port, and tone or pulse for your phone line. If you have an internal modem, the default should be correct. Click on the right arrow to continue.
  6. You will now be in the Configuration information (4) window. Enter a phone number and your network logon name. Leave your password blank (we recommend you enter your password each time you logon).
  7. Netpoint's modem numbers are listed below:
    Use one of these numbers as your primary number and the other as your alternate number (both provide the fastest dialup service available).

  8. Click on the right arrow to continue. 
  9. In the PPP Connect Scripts window (5), select No and click on the right arrow to continue.
  10. In the IP Address window (6), select No and click on the right arrow to continue.
  11. You will now be taken to the Domain Name Servers window (7). Your DNS information and Domain Name are set automatically when you connect, so leave these two boxes blank. Click the right arrow to continue.
  12. In the E-mail Address and Password window (8), enter your complete e-mail address (e.g., username@starpoint.net) in the first box. Click on the right arrow to continue.
  13. You'll now be at the E-Mail Account and Host Computer window (9). In the top box, enter [username] where [username] is your network logon name. In the bottom box, enter mail.starpoint.net as the SMTP host. Click on the right arrow to continue.     Note: your username is ONLY the first part of your e-mail address. So if your e-mail address is bluedog@starpoint.net, your username is just bluedog
  14. In the Proxies window (11), select No and click on the right arrow to continue.
  15. You are now at the Conclusion (12)! If you would like to get on the Internet right away, select Connect when finished.
  16. To check that all your settings are correct, click on Show Details. If you need to go back and change some things, click on the left arrow. Otherwise, click on Go Ahead.


Starting your Internet Software

Congratulations!  Your computer is now set up to use the Internet. 

Surfing the Web with Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer

Your Macintosh probably came with Microsoft Internet Explorer. Some Macs may also have Netcape installed.  These programs are usually found on your hard drive in the Internet folder.  If you can not find these programs, use the Find command on the File menu to search your hard drive for "Netscape" or "Internet Explorer".

Netpoint E-Mail Settings

You will also need to configure your e-mail software for your Netpoint account. Most Macintosh computers will have Outlook Express already installed. Refer to your documentation or online help for setting up an account. You will need the following information: