AVG is a free virus scanner. Everyone should install this on their computer and run it on a daily basis. Locate the free version at Download AVG off of the internet and run the setup wizard. Follow the wizard till the setup is complete.

How to run AVG:
Double click on the AVG icon:

AVG icon

This screen will appear:

first screen that appears

Click on Run Complete Test located in the blue box.

This screen appears:

scanning screen

Let it run until it says it is finished. It will give you a prompt on how many viruses it found, how many it healed, and what they were. After running AVG you can be assured that your computer no longer has any viruses on it.

Maintaining AVG:

Make sure that under Virus Database the Release Date is today's date. Viruses are constantly evolving; in order to keep up with new viruses you need to keep updating your virus program.

If the Release Date is in red than it means that you haven't updated your virus program and you will need to do it right away. Your screen will look like this if that happens:

error message when you need to update

Click on download now and get updates, then run AVG.

Even if your date is not in red you should still update. Do this by:
1. Clicking on Virus Database
2. Click update
3. Then click Update Now
4. Allow the update to install
5. Run AVG by clicking on Run complete test located in the blue box