Maintaining Your PC using Ad-Aware 6

This walkthrough has been written under the assumption that
Ad-Aware 6 has already been installed on your PC.  If your computer has
been serviced by NetPoint employees, Ad-Aware 6 should have been installed
on your computer.  If not, Ad-Aware can by downloaded from www.lavasoftusa.com.  It is
recommended that you run Ad-Aware every few weeks to ensure smooth
operation of your PC.

Step 1

Locate and double-click the Ad-Aware 6 icon on your desktop.
Ad-aware icon

Step 2

This should open the Status dialog.  This where you can either update
the software or continue on and scan.  Your computer needs to be connected
to the internet in order for Ad-Aware to receive updates.
First screen that appears

Step 3

It is recommended to have Ad-Aware check for updates since new versions of
spyware are always being developed.  To begin updating, click on
Check for updates now in the lower right-hand corner.  This should bring up
the Webupdate dialog box.  If you are not connected to the internet or do not
need to update, skip ahead to step 4.
update ad-aware

Click the connect button and Ad-Aware will automatically search for updates. After the updates are finished, or if Ad-Aware is up to date, click the finish button.

update screen

Step 4

Click the start button to begin scanning.  This should bring up the
Preparing System Scan dialog.  Unless you are an advanced PC user or have
been directed by NetPoint staff, leave all options at default settings
pictured below and click the NEXT button.
Run ad-aware

Step 5

Ad-Aware will now begin scanning. The speed of the scan depends on
how much data is stored on the disk drive and your processor speed.  It will
take several minutes.  When the scan is complete you should be seeing the
Scan Complete dialog.

Click the NEXT button to continue to the Scanning Results dialog.

Step 6

This dialog shows what Ad-aware found and where it found it.  Some of
the items are checked automatically and some aren't.  If you are curious as to
what these items are, you can check www.spywareguide.com to see what these
programs do to your machine.  It is safe to remove ANYTHING that Ad-Aware finds.
scan results

Right-click any object and a menu will appear.

select all

Click Select all objects.

There should now be a check mark in all the boxes next to the objects in the list. To remove the objects, click the Next button.

checkmark in your scanned results

Ad-Aware will now ask you to confirm the removal of the selected objects. Click OK to continue.

click ok

Step 7

Sometimes Ad-Aware cannot remove certain programs because they are in
use.  In order to remove them, it needs to scan BEFORE the program is started.
If this is the case you should see this message:
click ok to remove

To have Ad-Aware run the next time you start your computer, click the OK button. It is recommended that you reboot your computer immediately to allow Ad-Aware to scan again until all objects have been removed or Ad-Aware cannot find any new objects. To quit the application, click on the X in the upper right-hand corner.