Be Safe!
Netpoint endorses and recommends the use of several products to keep your Internet experience safe and your computer running trouble free. Firefox and Thunderbird to replace Microsoft Internet Explorer and Outlook Express. Clients using these programs have far fewer problems with Scumware and Viruses.

For information on downloading, installing and using this software, see the HOW TO section below.

Get Firefox! Get Thunderbird

Getting Started

This information will guide you through the configuration process for various computer operating systems. Some computers may show slightly different variations. If the steps of the guide do not match exactly and you do not understand the setting(s), the default configuration is typically correct.

Connection Setups:
Dialup for Marshall:532-5867
Click here for Nationwide Numbers

Email Setups
Incoming Server (pop3):mail.starpoint.net
Outgoing Server (smtp):mail.starpoint.net
While most people use the Internet to communicate, exchange data, research or play games, some users are determined to subvert the network for their own devious designs. Spyware, viruses, spam, worms and hackers are more common than ever before. A few simple precautions can help keep your Internet experience safe and secure. To ignore these precautions can lead to loss of data, system malfunctions and identity theft.
Who Are These Guys? Maintenance Help:
  • Steps to help you surf
  • Domain Extensions

    How to

    This section tells you how to run many of the things we recommend that you use.

  • E-mail
  • FTP
  • Set up your webpage
  • Download and Install FireFox
  • Download and Install Thunderbird
  • Combat Spam


    This section will help you with keeping your computer up to date and running.

  • Scumware: what is it? how to avoid it
  • spam
  • Ad-aware
  • AVG
  • Change number
  • E-mail
  • Troubleshooting

    If you are having trouble doing anything, check out this section. It will tell how to do a bunch of things.
  • imac fix
  • ping
  • error codes
  • modem
  • Modem strings
  • Change TCP/IP
  • Dial up Network Problem
  • Winsock Fix for XP
  • Tips & Tricks

  • ping
  • Can't find it?

    Let us know what your problem is so that we can put it on our site. You can do this by going to our contact form.