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More phishing scams

Jan. 4th, 10:15 am

Posted by Craig

We recently received a question regarding a fake pay-pal email. The account asked people to login to their paypal account but the URL was

Please note, Paypal will never email you and instruct you to login. For more information about Paypal policies goto:


Happy Holidays!

Dec. 23rd, 3:11 pm

Posted by Craig

The staff at Starpoint Communications wishes everyone a happy and safe holiday season.


Welcome Home

Nov. 21st, 11:39 am

Posted by Craig

Welcome Home 1-151!!


DSL Now Available

Aug. 5th, 4:04 pm

Posted by Craig

We are pleased to introduce our new PowerDSL high-speed Internet Access. This service is currently available in Marshall, Pipestone, Brookings, Watertown, Worthington, Wilmar, Sioux Falls and most major cities in the United States and Canada.


More rants against Internet Explorer

Aug. 2nd, 5:06 pm

Posted by Craig

Many people are already complaining about the things which Microsoft continues to ignore with regards to their browsers.

As Microsoft prepares to release IE7 many people are already pointing out security problems and problems with complying to the Internet Standards.

As many of us know, Microsoft seems to make conscious decisions to impose its own standards and would rather dictate to the Internet Community what should be done.

Don't be a sheep-le! Be aware of choices you have available and consider other, safer browsers.

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