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Fun Site

Jul. 7th, 12:18 pm

Posted by Craig

Looking for a fun site? Try this one:


RealVNC Vulnerability

May. 26th, 10:30 am

Posted by Security Alert

Some of our customers use a product called RealVNC for remote desktop applications such as allowing remote management of a computer system.

A vulnerability has been discovered in this software (version through 4.1.1) and users should immediately disable this program until they can upgrade to version 4.1.2.


Wireless network upgrades completed

May. 8th, 5:24 pm

Posted by WirelessNetwork Admin

Upgrades were completed Friday for the South tower. If you are having any troubles, please let us know.


Virus Alert

Jan. 19th, 1:54 pm

Posted by Virus Department

Our scanners have been stopping a larger than usual number of viruses. Specifically the Mytob worm. If you think your computer might be infected, be sure to update or virus definitions or use a virus removal tool such as McAfee's stinger: Download here or get the specific removal tool you need from the symantec (Norton) website:


User's Support Group

Jan. 18th, 8:08 pm

Posted by Craig

Thursday's support group is scheduled for 7:00pm

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