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Spammers working overtime

Jan. 10th, 10:53 am

Posted by Craig

Just before the holiday season, the frequencies of spam emails rose dramatically.

We continue to monitor the situation and are always exploring ways to reduce this nuisance.


Holiday Office Hours

Nov. 20th, 10:32 am

Posted by Craig

Happy Holidays!

Durning the holiday season our office will be closed:

  • November 22, 2007
  • December 25, 2007
  • January 1, 2008

Our office will close at 12 noon on November 23, 2007 and December 24, 2007.

If you have an emergency during these times, leave a message for our on-call staff.


Music Industry Scores Victory

Oct. 5th, 11:09 pm

Posted by Craig

A Minnesota woman recently lost in court against recording companies who say she was illegally sharing music through Peer to Peer software.

The jury awared the record companies $222,000.

Jury Orders Woman to Pay $222,000 for Illegal Music Sharing


Server move

Aug. 22nd, 5:39 pm

Posted by Craig

We have moved our site to a new server. The testing is completed. Please let us know if you find anything amiss.


Vista instructions

Feb. 27th, 2:25 pm

Posted by Craig

Instructions for setting up Windows Vista for dial-up can now be found in our help section.

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