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Alert! Phishing Scheme

May. 5th, 2:10 pm

Posted by Craig

Email has been circulated requesting our clients to update us with their information. This is not a real request from Netpoint staff. The reply to address goes elsewhere. If you have inadvertently responded to this request already, please contact us so we can protect your account information.

Remember:Netpoint, your bank, ebay, paypal, credit card companies, google, yahoo, etc, will never ask you for sensitive information from an email request. Never trust a link from inside an email claiming to be your service provider.


Dangerous downloads

May. 2nd, 10:41 am

Posted by Craig

As always, make sure you and others who use your Internet access are aware of the dangers of clicking links found in spam messages like this:
Hi, remember me?..
new fotos(archived) you asked ;))
Angella O.

Dangerous software like this can also be found distributed in public torrents and other per-to-per sharing networks. Users can not expect anti-virus programs or anti-spyware programs to protect their systems against these applications. Many times they are custom built.



Virus Alert

Apr. 22nd, 3:04 pm

Posted by Craig

Please be sure your virus definitions are up to date!


Spam Efforts

Apr. 6th, 9:55 pm

Posted by Craig

Recent anti-spam efforts have been very effective. If you are still getting too much spam, consider getting a new email account. Its free! Just contact us.


SPAM update

Mar. 14th, 11:46 am

Posted by Mail Administrator

We have recently added some additional filters to combat spam. We will be studying the effects of these filters over the weekend.

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