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War on spam continues

Feb. 26th, 10:23 pm

Posted by Craig

The war on spam gets tougher starting March 2003. New laws will go into effect in Minnesota. It remains to be seen how these laws will be enforced.


Virus Alert!

Feb. 26th, 12:32 pm

Posted by Scott

Update your virus definitions. Lovgate has been upgraded to level 3 at Symantec Security Response. The worm places a trojan on your computer, allowing the creator to gain access and control of your system. Gibe.B has only been upgraded to level 2 but has great potential to spread through IRC, KaZaa, and Outlook Express.


Weather Announcments

Feb. 3rd, 8:46 am

Posted by Craig

For up to the minute weather related announcements and cancellations, visit the KHML/KKCK web site

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