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Internet Explorer Laid to Rest

Mar. 12th, 3:42 pm

Posted by Craig

Over the next few months, I speculate that folks still using Internet Explorer 6 will begin seeing odd things happen as many web content organizations begin to discontinue support for IE 6.

Read about the Funeral

If you are still using IE 6 you should consider updating to IE 7 if your operating system permits.

Firefox is also a very nice browser, you can find a download link under our help section.


New AVG Free 9

Mar. 12th, 2:08 pm

Posted by Craig

There is a new AVG 9 that is free. You can down load it from


Service Issues

Mar. 11th, 4:55 pm

Posted by Craig`

we experienced some service issues this afternoon. We apologize for the inconvenience.


E-mail Phishing Scam

Dec. 1st, 5:02 pm

Posted by Mail Admin

An E-mail phishing scam has targeted customers. Do Not Reply your personal information to this e-mail. Our staff will never ask you for this information in an e-mail.

The message appears from:

"Starpoint E-mail Technical Informations Department"


Prepay Discount

Sep. 19th, 8:15 am

Posted by Craig

Just a reminder: Discounts are available for prepaying Dial-up and Wireless Internet accounts. For more information, contact us.

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