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Ebay impersonators

Sep. 12th, 10:22 am

Posted by Craig

A new round of Ebay imposters have sent convincing sounding messages which ask users to click on a link. Please note that Ebay will always direct you back to their site and will never send an attachment or ask you to download something off their website. The imposters appear to be directing you to the ebay site but it is a look-alike URL. If you receive such questionable email contact Ebay.


Security Bulletin

Sep. 10th, 5:01 pm

Posted by Scott

A month ago the Blaster worm made it's way into millions of PCs. Microsoft made a patch available a month before the worm was released. Now the patch itself has a serious security hole which will allow another Blaster type worm to spread. Instead of waiting for this to happen, I am reccomending everyone download and apply this patch BEFORE someone writes another virus to take advantage of it. The patch can be found here and only affects Windows NT, 2000, and XP. If you have Windows 95, 98, or ME there is no cause for alarm. If you need any help getting this patch or have any questions, you can call us at 532-9641.


Virus ALert!!

Aug. 11th, 8:36 pm

Posted by Scott

This one is really nasty. The Blaster worm is wreaking havok all over the internet. If your Windows 2000 or XP machine happens to become infected, it will be used in a denial of service attack (IF it's able to keep running). This worm only infects XP and 2000 machines but everybody should immediately update their anti-virus deffinitions to prevent further spreading. XP and 2K users should go here to apply a patch to prevent this from happening.


NetPoint Local Church Listings

Jul. 3rd, 12:22 pm

Posted by Eric

We've recently renovated our long-standing church listings page. For times, locations, phone numbers and URLs, check out:


Virus Alert!

Jun. 25th, 9:15 pm

Posted by Scott

The Sobig virus is back again. Be on the lookout for mail from "".

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