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Feb. 21st, 11:37 am

Posted by Craig

A number of new viruses have surfaced this week as well as some new scumware. We recommend updating your virus definitions as well as your scumware program (such as Ad-aware or Spybot)


Server Load

Jan. 29th, 1:23 pm

Posted by Craig

Periodically the mail server has been under a high load with the recent activity of the last 4 email viruses. If you expereience problems, just retry in a few minutes.


Virus Alert

Jan. 26th, 4:33 pm

Posted by Scott

Update your definitions. A new worm that has been reported to Symantec has already reached category 3 in just one day. The Novarg.A/Mydoom@MM worm will show up in your inbox with an .EXE atachment that's 22k (22,528 bytes).


New Virus -- Bagle

Jan. 20th, 1:19 pm

Posted by Craig

A new virus has surfaced on our virus scanners. "Bagle" appears to be a new variant of beagle and has been caught 95 times in the past 24 hours. 96 have been caught total. This virus, in only 24 hours, has made the Netpoint all-time top 30 viruses. It is the #1 virus in the past 24 hours. While Netpoint is catching these, we suggest everyone update their virus definitions on their systems soon. Especially if you use other mail besides your account.


New Computers and Virus Vulnerabilities

Dec. 31st, 2:50 pm

Posted by Scott

We have seen a small incease in the number of Blaster infected users. This seems to be happening to a few new computers. You want to make sure your operating system is fully patched and your anti-virus is updated. Many new computers have been sitting on shelves or in warehouses for the last few months and are not secured against recent threats.

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