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May. 20th, 3:58 pm

Posted by Craig

The user support group will meet Thursday Evening from 7pm - 8pm. There is no topic for tonight.

There will be no Support group meeting on June 1st. The next scheduled support group meeting will be on June 17th and will cover information on digital photography.


Protect yourself from viruses

May. 1st, 1:25 pm

Posted by Joe

Viruses often find ways to get into your computer via email. The e-mail could be disguised to look from someone you know, even Netpoint, but really it is not. Just a reminder to use extreme caution whenever opening any attachment. Click the link below to see some examples of viruses disguised in e-mails.


Wells Fargo Scam Mail

Mar. 19th, 9:26 am

Posted by Craig

Email is circulating which is fraudulant. The mail is pretending to be from Wells Fargo. As a reminder, to not submit personal information when requested via email, Most reputable companies would never ask you to do this.


Internet Support Group

Mar. 10th, 11:29 am

Posted by Sandy

Thursday, March 18, 2004 at 7 PM. After questions are answered we will discuss why, how, and when to do updates for Windows, Anti-virus, and spy ware programs.



Mar. 2nd, 9:35 pm

Posted by Craig

VIRUSES are at an all time high Please read this message. A virus email has masqueraded itself as a message from "" or similar email address, advising to run a program. This attachment contains the netsky.d. Do not run this. Additionally, we recommend our customers frequently update their virus scanners during these times.

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