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War on Spam

Feb. 6th, 4:50 am

Posted by Craig

One organization claims that MCI alone profits over $5 million dollars from spam enterprises each year.

Spamhaus is an entity which maintains one of several "Realtime Blackhole Lists" (RBLs) that NetPoint uses to filter incoming mail through.

These RBLs are lists of known spam sources and are automatically rejected before the message is delieverd to your inbox.

In a 24 hour period, spamhaus alone rejected 11,514 pieces of mail.

In the same 24 hour period, NetPoint blocked 83,731 messages from known spam gangs using 10 additional RBLs.

Messages which make it through the RBLs then get filtered through Spam Assassin. This software searches for spam using a heuristic approach, in the same 24 hour period, it filtered an additional 10,819 messages.

At NetPoint we routinely continue to refine our anti-spam measures. Scanning for Spam and Viruses is something we've been doing for more than 6 years, long before other hard-sell companies like Earthlink and AOL


A Measure of Time

Feb. 2nd, 6:23 pm

Posted by Craig

In the 1950's some scientist predicted some homes would have computers in the year 2004. Click the link to see how we measured up to their expectation!
Photo submitted by E. Carberry, Thanks!


Gone Phishing

Jan. 25th, 11:32 pm

Posted by Craig

Internet users should be cautious about falling prey to


This is not a new phenomenon, but a dramtic increase in activity could catch people off guard.

Phishing is the process in which a scammer sends an authentic looking message pretending to be Paypal, Ebay or their bank. They usually warn the person something bad is/has/will happen to their account and advises them to click the link they provide to login and verify information.

The webpages which then might even LOOK like the real thing and have something in the URL that makes it seem legit.

These sites can be surprisingly deceptive.

For more information google the term "phishing" or visit this link:


Is Big Brother Watching?

Jan. 14th, 10:58 pm

Posted by Craig

An interesting article was released by the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), a group which advocates consumer rights in respect to the Internet. The group questions whether the vagueness of the Patriot act permits abuse from certain government agencies.


Clean Software

Dec. 27th, 10:13 am

Posted by Craig

A web new site was recently unveiled which will maintain a list of software that contains no malware/spyware/scumware...

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